Alexa Skills Development

We have successfully developed many Alexa-Skills.
Voice-First is a technical innovation that will revolutionize the way millions of
People will consume content and interact with brands, change.

Alexa Skills Development

With the rise of Amazon Alexa, the voice becomes a common user interface. Users of all ages use their voices to play games, get the latest news, or control their smart home devices. Voice offers a faster and easier way to communicate and get things done.

Voice is the most natural form of interaction. For a brand, this is the right time to think about the Voice First strategy. Voice-First will be an important part of any brand's business strategy. It will give brands a more natural way to communicate with their customers.

CODEEVOO is a leading provider of Amazon Alexa Skills development. We have been setting up Amazon Alexa Skills since early 2018, developing and releasing many new Alexa skills.


Voice-first interaction refers to a system that primarily receives user input via voice commands and can generate audio output. Voice-First is a technical innovation that will change the way millions of users interact with devices or applications. It will change the way we discover and consume content.

Alexa Skills Development

You can't just add voice to your app and call it a voice experience. You need to re-imagine the whole experience from a Voice First perspective. Developing for voice is different from developing for screens. Here CODEEVOO plays an important role in the development of your next Alexa skill.

Alexa Presentation Language

At CODEEVOO our team uses the Alexa Presentation Language (APL). APL is Amazon's new speech output to create rich, interactive representations of Alexa capabilities and customize the experience for tens of millions of Alexa-enabled devices.

Using APL, we can create interactive language experiences with graphics, images, slideshows and videos and customize them for different device types such as Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV and Fire Tablet.

Amazon Alexa Solutions

We can offer 3 different solutions,
 according to the needs of our customers.


Individual Skills

This is the easiest way for a brand to reach millions of users. With a custom Alexa skill, your customers can access your services from their Alexa-enabled devices.


Building Alexa Devices

Create voice forward products by integrating Alexa into your devices or controlling your devices with Alexa.

Alexa for Business

If you are a corporate customer, you may be interested in integrating Alexa into your business applications. With Alexa for Business you can design your business applications voice controlled. "Alexa, make an appointment for my patient."