Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is probably one of the most
frequently mentioned words in the world of technology right now,
due to its effect, use and dissemination.
in everyday activities and applications. Discover
and use the benefits of this widespread technology,
um Ihr Unternehmen jetzt mit CODEEVOO zu stärken.

The Age of AI

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that AI drives the world we live in. AI doesn't just mean robots that perform human work or activities, or supercomputers that perform complicated analytical processes. AI is, in simple terms, a software-based intelligence compared to human intelligence. However, AI does not take over human consciousness. The AI is currently regarded as infant, which means it has plenty of room to grow. Genuine AI theoretically allows the machine to learn on its own and to expand its skills and knowledge based on experience and data input. Will we ever be able to produce an AI that has the level of consciousness of a human being? We may be close, but it is a constant challenge for the technology world itself.

AI use in our world today

From Siri to Tesla (probably the best car ever built), the AI exists in many popular devices or applications in our everyday lives. The development of the AI has accelerated the pace of the processes so that the software can predict our thinking process based on previous actions and reactions. Machine learning, however, could not be the edge of AI, as we have gone beyond the line of simple "learning from man". Let's take a look at Google's DeepMind, which can teach itself from scratch without predefined behavioral algorithms. It is undeniable that AI technology is proving more and more advanced and expanding its possibilities for unlimited potential and knowledge.


So what exactly is the hype about the AI? Before you apply to your company, it's important to understand the tools and concept of AI to make sure you know exactly what your business needs to grow.

Machine Learning

How did man become the so-called "master race"? It is the ability to learn and adapt knowledge, in other words, the ability to become more "intelligent" when we experience something and learn from things. This is commonly known as intellectual intelligence. Much of the AI revolves around this learning ability, machine learning. Machine Learning is a branch of AI that includes algorithms that allow "computers" to learn from previously entered data and make predictions. The algorithms are updated over time, resulting in a learning process that creates artificial intelligence, of which machine learning is a subset, so that the machine can learn without being explicitly programmed.

Machine learning in today's world

Machine learning is now widely used as a customer service tool, such as chatbots for automatic customer responses or telephone interaction menus. However, the most popular application of machine learning is online music streaming, which suggests a playlist based on your previous interests and decisions and your taste in music.

Big Data & Data Analysis

Big Data, in its simplest definition, is a large portion of the data or information collected and stored to be used and analyzed to increase efficiency and productivity and to suggest future improvement methods. Big data is divided into structured and unstructured data, where structured data is much easier to analyze than the others.

Big Data is not a new concept, as most companies use Big Data to analyze customer trends and behavior, to further improve their services, and to get more information to improve their products and meet their customers' needs. But it's not about the amount of data a company can collect and store, it's about what the company does with the data it collects, what's important.

Advantages of Big Data & Data Analysis


Cost Efficiency

To fully understand what works and what doesn't, it can be very helpful to reduce costs and save time. By analyzing existing data, new ways to improve the business can be found as companies can see where they are missing something and improve it.

Product Optimization

A company can never see all the strengths and weaknesses that its services or products have. By analyzing the information about their products, they can find out what they need to change so that their products or services attract more people.

Discovering the values of our customers

Understanding customer and market trends is the fastest way to help your business. This also increases the company's competitiveness and gives it an edge over its competitors.

Promoting the Brand Image

The most important part of running a company is to keep its brand image fresh and likeable. Big Data helps companies see what customers think about their brands so they can adapt their marketing strategies to create brand love that increases sales and customer loyalty.

Inventory Check

By analyzing Big Data, companies can ensure that they are producing the right amount of products that balance supply and demand that can be generated and forecasted by analyzing the market.

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