Custom Software Development

We offer you high-quality, cost-effective and reliable software solutions,
 that meet your specific requirements, budget and timeframe.
No matter whether it is a simple adaptation or a completely new development
 a software according to your requirements.
We deliver it to you!

Areas of Expertise

No matter what industry you are in, we will meet your needs.


Individual Web Application Development

CODEEVOO offers powerful web applications and websites for companies as well as private customers. Your web application works perfectly with any web and mobile browser.


Individual Development of Mobile Applications

If you can't find an app that fits your needs, we can design one for you for any mobile platform. See how your new app or game is taking shape as we design it for you.

UX- and UI-Design

Our UX and design specialists have a keen eye for the needs of end users. We value software that not only works flawlessly, but also has an exquisite design and ease of use. Our UI design department consists of graphic design experts and our programmers and testers are also trained in design.

Big Data

Would you like to find the best solution for your company based on high-volume data processing? We help you to make entrepreneurial decisions by analysing behaviours and measurements through data mining.


Custom Database Development

We have a deep understanding of building simple and complex databases, ranging from setting up new databases to upgrading existing platforms.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Let us help you with artificial intelligence to improve your business through machine learning and deep learning. Our AI team can advise you on the value of AI for your business needs. The team is led by our AI leader, who has a PhD in Machine Learning and many years of experience.

Development and Implementation

Our code is created with great focus on quality, simplicity and easy maintainability. Regular code reviews and code refactoring help us keep our process on track. You can always be sure that we will develop your software solution smoothly with your company.


Modern Platforms

We have in-depth knowledge of popular technologies such as Java, .NET, AngularJS and others, as well as experience with migration from various legacy systems.


Automated Builds

24-7 software quality feedback including thorough automatic testing of your software.


Automated Testing

Our automated test suites are faster and more cost-effective than manual tests and provide up-to-date regression notification.

Automation of Deployment

We design seamless and functional deployment packages by taking into account the goals of the production deployment.

Cloud Visualization

We use our industry knowledge to develop applications that are easy to deploy in both private and public cloud environments. This ensures more flexibility in deployment for your business.


Regular publications

We often use best practice architecture patterns to create software with limited delay time.


The orientation of CODEEVOO towards other companies in the industry is not due to the technologies we use, but how we use them. We have a profound and approved development process, and our solutions are designed to always match this process.