Dedicated Teams

CODEEVOO's dedicated team model of collaboration offers high quality
high-quality software development solutions for our customers.
Our dedicated teams offer a simple and cost-effective alternative
to build any software development project.
The team sizes are constantly adapted to changing requirements
and other needs.

Setting up a dedicated team at CODEEVOOO

Knowledge of your organization

A dedicated team is put together especially for your needs. Our dedicated teams are able to focus on your specific situations so that we can quickly understand how your business works and what it needs.

Pre-validated resources

We don't want to waste your time selecting unsuitable team members, so we screen all potential team candidates for your business in advance and make your needs our top priority.


Long-term partnership

We have a demonstrably successful and long-term relationship with our customers. Our professional teams are good at building lasting relationships and working together efficiently.


Fast team building

Our team building is fast and flexible. Our teams are spread across different projects with changing requirements, with staff always available for assignments.


Dedicated Manager

We always name a dedicated team manager. This person will work very closely with you to build a team with skills tailored to your needs.


Management as it should be

We focus on your success by focusing on a well-developed HR process and regular, honest communication. Our experts are well coordinated throughout the entire project and communicate transparently.

Our HR Process

  • business_model

    Understanding your business model

    Our dedicated team model is always focused on meeting customer needs and project requirements. We gain an understanding of your business model and market so that we can be sure that you will be successful together.

  • insights

    Gain insights from experts

    We host IT meetings aimed at talented web and mobile app developers, work with universities, hire local headhunters, which brings us up to date with the expectations of testers, web and mobile experts.

  • Recruitment of the best in the industry

    When looking for new dedicated team candidates, we review our own resume database of talented testers, web and mobile app developers as well as external sources. We are currently prioritizing a review of the candidate's long-term professional aspirations to ensure they match our client's needs and expectations.

  • feel_home

    Creation of a working atmosphere like "at home

    We put a lot of energy into the acclimatisation phase so that the new employee feels comfortable in the CODEEVOO company. We appoint a sponsor for all new hires to familiarize them with CODEEVOO's mission, values, culture and traditions.

  • evaluating-team

    Evaluation for quality assurance

    At CODEEVOO we regularly evaluate our employees so that we are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each individual team member. The overall evaluation includes employee and project manager evaluations as well as an appraisal interview. On the basis of what we have learned, we then develop individual plans to refine the skills and qualifications of our employees.

  • training-team

    Training of our staff

    The training and further education of employees depends on the objectives of the evaluation. We offer a range of employee training, such as mentoring, participation in conferences and seminars, self-study, external training and courses for testers, web and mobile developers and more.

Advantages of using our dedicated teams


non-disclosure agreements

We conduct background checks on every employee to ensure a safe working process so that all your business practices, trade secrets and intellectual property remain confidential, secure and secure.


Your team and our team

Whether on a business or technical level, we strive to fit into your team to contribute together to your mutual success. Our goal is to eliminate the concept of "our team" and "your team" through seamless collaboration.


Knowledge transfer

Our employees have a wide range of technological experience, so that you receive a wide range of knowledge for your projects. We also organize monthly knowledge sharing events for our employees.


Attention to detail

Our enthusiastic spirit and attention to detail, after years of experience building complex mobile and web applications, enables us to create great value for businesses of all types.

Increase in business value

CODEEVOO uses a consultative strategy to understand your company's key priorities, market position and the key details of your product's success to create more value for your business.



We develop open and honest relationships with our customers, who rely on transparency. We provide you with the data and information you need to make the best management decisions.


CODEEVOO, with a team of software development experts, can support your entire IT process from start to finish. We can guarantee that all your software requirements will be met as expected, as proven by our results in various industries.