Mobile App Development

With global progress, technology is also on the move, especially on mobile devices.
Becoming mobile is the first choice to streamline your business processes and to provide the most viral
communication market. Develop your mobile applications now with
extensive mobile application services that iOS and Android provide through CODEEVOO.


We develop mobile solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your business. With our long experience in mobile application development, we have a strong knowledge base that guides you through the mobile application development process.

Strong UX and UI expertise

We have a highly skilled UX and UI team that takes care of the smallest details in the design and develops the ultimate look and feel for more commitment. All CODEEVOOO staff are trained in UX and UI to ensure that all mobile applications look exquisite and stunning, and to arouse the respondents' interest locally.

Long-term experience with mobile apps

With our many years of experience in software development, we are a strong partner who can help you develop any type of mobile app. Whether you're looking to improve employee productivity, launch a new popular consumer app, or develop the best mobile game on the market, we have solutions for your app development needs that will increase enterprise mobility and stimulate growth.

Agile methods lead to faster implementation

We use the Scrum framework, which allows us to be agile in short sprints. This leads to fast results, shortens the time to market of the application and improves the transparency of the entire process. We also appreciate your feedback as the project is fully updated in real time through daily reports, video calls, email updates and on-site visits.

Cost reduction through mobile test automation

To promote long-term quality control, all our mobile applications are tested for stability and consistent, accurate results through continuous automation testing. This ensures that your application is error-free and that any errors can be corrected and handled immediately, so that quality is always up to date.

How do we do it - Mobile strategy

At CODEEVOO we develop your mobile strategy together with you. We use structured, well-organized methods in our mobile app development, ensuring that you receive high-quality solutions for your company and achieve the desired result.

  • Planning

    We believe that everything from wireframes to screen designs for the mobile app should be established before we write code. Our experience has shown that such advance preparation usually reduces the likelihood of unexpected problems occurring later.

  • Project Management

    We always strive to ensure that your project is delivered on time and to your specifications. Your assigned Project Manager is your primary point of contact for all information related to your project, the latest in mobile application development, and answers your questions.

  • UX and Design

    There is nothing better than a beautiful user interface with seamless user guidance. Our creative mobile design experts create modern and unique mobile screen designs that deliver a great user experience.

  • App Development

    Once we have fully understood your requirements and criteria, we will work with you to develop an application that not only meets your expectations with our skills and experience, but also demonstrates our collective effort and commitment.

  • QA and Testing

    Our dedicated QA team conducts thorough testing to ensure that the applications we develop work flawlessly and smoothly. We take suggestions for improvement seriously and our quality assurance department is able to suggest ways to improve the product and troubleshoot.

  • Deployment and Maintenance

    Our professional app developers not only support you in deploying your app, but also offer app maintenance programs tailored to your app to ensure timely updates and smooth operation on all devices and platforms.

Areas of Expertise

We are experts for Native Mobile Applications, Cross Platform App Development with Hybrid Technologies and Mobile Web Apps. If you are wondering which one is best for your needs, don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.