QA and software testing

In today's competitive business world, companies expect faster,
more efficient software solutions without compromising quality. CODEEVOO offers you QA and software testing services,
that meet all your quality and testing requirements.

Development and Implementation

Our code is created with great focus on quality, simplicity and easy maintainability. Regular code reviews and code refactoring help us keep our process on track. You can always be sure that we will develop your software solution smoothly with your company.

Quality assurance included in every project

Are you wondering how you can reduce your development costs and improve your software quality at the same time? Make CODEEVOO your offshore development center today to reduce operating costs and increase productivity. The Offshore Development Center model has proven to be a highly effective tool that gives you more transparency and predictability throughout your development process.

Independent, dedicated QA and test teams

CODEEVOO provides you with a highly qualified QA and test team for independent test services. The selection of experts is based on their skills and qualifications according to the requirements of your project. Our professional management ensures you the best resources for your needs. Our work is transparent and efficient, so regular check-ins are welcome.

Manual/Explorative Testing

Whether manual or explorative, CODEEVOOO guarantees that all your tests are performed in a strict manner to ensure the quality and stability of the final product. Our test teams have years of experience in testing all types of software products and can anticipate potential bugs that should be fixed. With us, you can rest assured that your software will be error-free for 0 to 100 years.


Automated testing

At CODEEVOO, we recognize the drawbacks of doing each task manually and have accumulated a broad knowledge of test automation. With your input, we identify the functions and workflows best suited for automation and create scripts for them, making the test case easily repeatable and freeing resources for creative and explorative testing.


Many years of experience in quality assurance

CODEEVOOO believes in highest quality. For over ten years we have been providing high quality testing services to customers around the world. With our experience and commitment, you can be sure that all your software will be properly maintained before release without compromise.

Cost reduction through automated tasks

While manual testing is indisputably important in the early stages of the testing process, automation testing reduces the amount of work required to test an application after deployment, especially if the application has a long life or requires frequent execution of test cases. Not only are automation tests cost-effective, they also increase the stability, effectiveness, efficiency, and test coverage of your software and application and deliver consistent and accurate results.

Proven QA process

Our QA process has been tested and continuously improved in the IT industry for over ten years. We yearn to be the best in the industry and devote our time and effort to advancing ourselves and improving our services. Our history of customer satisfaction continues to prove our success in all our test implementations.


Agility - Regular Check-Ins and Check-Outs

The Scrum framework allows us to work agilely in short sprints and run tests after testing every single detail in a repetitive and script-driven process. This ensures the highest quality for all your products and improves project transparency.

Our QA and testing process

We encourage our customers to attend our meetings and observe our transparent testing process.


Planning/backlog refinement

Clarify the requirements and define check criteria.


Test strategy - test development

Preparation and creation of test strategy & materials including test scenarios, plans, suites, cases and data. Identify automation test cases and prepare test scripts.


Test execution - error management

Manual execution of smoke tests, explorative tests, user experience-based tests, execution of test cases. Perform automation tests and manage reports to track and verify possible errors.


Test Supply

Review the requirements and repeat the test to confirm completion of the manual and automated tests.


Demo Meeting

Work in the quality assurance team and perform a demo completion for the customer.


Retrospective Meeting

Define possible errors or improvement potentials in order to further improve our test services.

Our Testing Services

We understand that your system platform needs to be customized to ensure that your application provides the best possible experience. We take the limits of quality assurance seriously.


Functional Testing

Our testers develop test cases in response to customer requirements and comments. We log the results and investigate any case that reveals erroneous or suspicious results. During the functional test, the most important functions must be re-tested frequently to avoid possible regressions.


Performance Testing

Serious performance issues can affect your image and reputation. We understand that. That's why we perform performance testing with realistic stress and strain. Through continuous load tests and stress tests, we can determine the actual condition of your application and adjust or change it as needed to ensure it is stable under all circumstances. At CODEEVOO, we value scalability right from the start.


Security Testing

Our teams take security seriously in every application we develop and offer security audits for existing systems. For more information on our testing methods and how to identify and fix vulnerabilities and threats, see the "Security Testing" section.


Usability Testing

So your end product works and has all the necessary features, but is it usable by the end user? Our testers identify the limits that can be taken away from the ideal experience. They test the workflows and use cases to simulate actual user behavior. At CODEEVOOO, usability testing is continuous and covers the entire software development lifecycle so that your users have the best possible experience with the end product.


  • Configuration and compatibility tests
  • Cross platform testing
  • Localization and internationalization tests
  • Data Migration Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • User Interface Testing
  • API Testing

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